Corporate Art / Painttwits Style is a www.painttwits.com direct commission blog. Click here for a current list of paintings included. This site helps companies buy or commission artwork from fine artists. The artwork may be based on the companies' actual products or even made with the companies' products.

How does it work? Companies or individuals fill out an online form indicating that they are interested in commissioning a work of art. A painttwits employee replies with the approximate time frame, which materials may be required, and an initial cost estimate. The company can either accept, decline or renegotiate the cost of the commission. Painttwits provides companies access to highly skilled artists who can provide exactly what is required.

Companies often desire to have their logo or products associated with the fine art world.  An original artwork improves share holder value because it appreciates over time. Artists benefit through direct purchases by companies, exposure and possible referral commissions.  Painttwits makes commissioning a work of fine art a streamlined process.